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KISSlicer Licenses

Please note: KISSlicer never “phones home” nor does it record anything you do. Licenses are activated within the program and although we know that this can be abused, we trust you to limit your activity within the terms of the license.

If you have purchased a license and your computer dies, please send us an email and we will do our best to assist.

KISSlicer FREE Version

The FREE version is not time-limited and contains all the basic and many advanced features required for slicing models for single extruder printing.

KISSlicer PRO Version

This contains all the features of the FREE version plus:

Multi-Extruder Printing

  • use a different extruder for: raft, support base, support-model interface, model
  • use a different extruder for each sub-mesh in a model
  • overlapping sub-meshes supported with extruder priority feature
  • wipe pillar / wall support for multi-extruder printing to minimize stringing
  • smart extruder temperature control prioritizes already-warm extruders on any given layer
  • pre-heat function will warm the next extruder in time to be used without waiting

Lock Paths

  • slice a model with a given style then lock its paths
  • locked paths will be retained even if the Style profile or settings are changed
  • print multiple objects with varying styles in the same print

Stacked Layers

  • support and sparse infill can be printed every N layers for faster prints
  • currently Stacking is disabled when Stepover-controlled (adaptive) layers are used

Oversample Resolution

  • select a sampling resolution to resolve fine details in the model
  • balance fine feature resolution and slice times

KISSlicer PREMIUM Version

This contains all the features of the PRO version plus:


  • Place noise and/or a “bumpmap” image on the surface of a model.

Dynamic Density (heat map)

  • Change infill density as specified by a 3D “density map” loaded via image or generated dynamically (e.g. as distance from surface).

Warp Compensation

  • Predict how part warps when cooling and compensate.

Curved Surfaces

  • Support curved surfaces as a geometric primitive
  • releasing an open source tool to import STEP / IGES (for better CAD integration)
  • smooth existing triangle meshes with a crease-angle threshold

To Be Announced...

  • More details to come.
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