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  • Open STL Models
    • Opens the standard file dialogue window to select the STL file(s). Note that multiple files can be selected. STL files can also be opened by selecting them and dragging/dropping onto the main window.
  • Save Packed STL
    • Saves the currently loaded model(s) as a single STL file (which may contain multiple meshes)
  • Choose and Restore Reference Settings
    • FIXME
  • Quick Restore Reference Settings
    • FIXME
  • Change Registration Key
    • Enter your Registration Key when upgrading from a previous licesne
  • Quit KISSlicer
    • Unloads any models and closes KISSlicer


The saving and loading of projects can be very useful in helping others to diagnose problems with your settings.

  • Save Project As
    • Saves the current settings as a Project (*.ksp) file
  • Load Project / G-code Settings
    • Loads temporary settings from either a Project (*.ksp) file or from a G-code file that has been sliced with KISSlicer


  • File Handling
    • Preview On Open STL
      • When checked, a non-standard file dialog window is displayed when “File/Open STL File” is selected, which includes a preview of the model file
    • Load multiple STLs into a single model
      • When checked all STL files opened together will be treated as a single model
    • Use Unique Filenames on Save
      • When checked, this will append numeric values to the saved G-code file to ensure a unique filename
    • Slice and Save
      • When checked, this will request the saved filename before slicing and will save the G-code immediately after slicing
  • Languages
    • Revert to English
      • When a language file is loaded, reverts all text back to English
    • Load a Language File
      • Load a language (*.po) to display the text and tooltips in the language of your choice. Either download a translation file from here or create your own using the “Save Reference Language File” below
    • Translate Tooltips Only
      • Apply the loaded language file to tooltips only (tooltips appear when the cursor is hovered over an entry field)
    • Save Reference Language File
      • Saves a reference file (KISSlicer_language.pot) in the KISSlicer “home” folder which is then used in a standard “gettext” tools program (such as PoEdit) to create a translated input file
  • Display Options
    • Show Summary Text
      • When checked this will display relevant information in the top left and top right of the Model Display area of the Main window
    • Perspective View
      • When checked, “Perspective View” is enabled which reduces the objects size, the further back it happens to be, allowing a more realistic view of the model and build plate
    • Disable 3D view on Slice
      • When checked, the Model Display area of the Main window will be blank
    • Color Scheme
      • Foreground
        • Select the color for the buttons and information text on the Model Display area of the Main window
      • Background
        • Select the background color for the windows
      • 3D Background
        • Select the background color for the Model Display area of the Main window
      • Color Scheme Presets
        • Orange
        • Dark
        • Blue
        • SublimeLayers
          • Select one of the above preset color schemes as a base for your own scheme
    • Widget Scheme
      • Base
      • Plastic
      • GTK+
      • Gleam
        • Select one of the above preset widget schemes. Slightly alters the “look and feel” of the windows
    • Display Previous Layer
      • After slicing, in “Models+Paths” or “Paths” view, both current and previous layers are displayed
  • Warnings
    • Material Change Warning (if > 1 extruder)
      • FIXME
  • Restrict Advanced Settings
    • Advanced settings can be restricted by the entry of a password

All Models

  • Auto-Rotate for Packing
    • When checked, KISSlicer will automatically rotate models for optimal packing on the bed
  • Revert to Original Height
    • Reverts all models to original height
  • Scale By X
    • Scales all models by X in all directions
  • Inch → mm
    • Convert model dimensions from inches to millimetres (multiply be 25.4)
  • Remove
    • Remove all models from the bed
  • Show Extruder Map Window



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