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Model Selection Tiles

Models or files which have been opened will appear in this scrollable Model Selection Group. Each model tile is used to manipulate the models as required:

  • Lock Paths
    • After slicing this model, it is possible to check this box and then slice another model using different profiles
  • Count
    • The number of this model you require on the build plate. Note that when set to zero, you can slicer the other models and check their lock paths box, set this the the number you require and slice this model with different styles.
  • Height
    • This is for information only
  • Angle
    • This is the default angle for the orientation of the model on the build plate. Please note that this may be over-ridden when several models are loaded and Menu/All Models/Auto-rotate for packing is checked

A left mouse click on a model tile will open the Extruder Map Window when “Show this extruder map when a model tile is selected” is checked on that window

A right mouse click on a model tile will open a pop-up list of options for that model:

  • Reload from file(s)
    • Reloads this model from the original files
  • Add Dynamic Density Map Image(s)
    • Opens the standard Open/File Dialogue to select a grey scale image used to determine model infill when infill is set to “Dynamic” on the Settings/Style Tab
  • 3D Scan Profile
    • FIXME
  • Revert to original height
    • Reverts this model to its original height and scale FIXME - no it doesn't if the model is scaled X/Y/Z
  • Show mesh-to-extruder map
  • Scale by X
    • Scale the model by a factor of X in all directions.
  • Scale X/Y/Z
    • Allows input of 3 factors; scales in X, Y and Z according to the factors entered
  • Inch → mm
    • Convert model dimensions from inches to millimetres (multiply be 25.4)
  • Count
    • Change the number of this model on the build plate
  • Lower Mesh in Z
    • Move the whole model downwards by this value
  • Force Path Angle
    • FIXME
  • Transform Mesh
    • X ⇒ Up
      • FIXME
    • Y +> Up
      • FIXME
    • Mirror X axis
      • Mirrors model in X axis
    • Mirror Y axis
      • Mirrors model in Y axis
    • Mirror Z axis
      • Mirrors model in Z axis
    • Flip upside-down
      • Flips model upside down
    • Stack vertically
      • FIXME
    • Restore original orientation
      • Restores the original orientation, height and scaling of this model
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