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Printer Wizard


This is where you enter the basic details of your printer.

  • Extruders
    • Select the numder of extruders your printer has. If you are running a SNMM (Single Nozzle Multi Material) then enter the number of filament feeds your printer has.
  • Nozzle diameter [mm]
    • Enter the nozzle diameter in millimetres - 0.4mm is the standard nozzle on many printers
  • Printer's Firmware Type
    • Many FDM printers use Marlin or Sprinter which are 5D - they use 5 co-ordinates: X, Y, Z, E(xtrusion) and F(eed rate) and all of these can be combined on a single line of G-code
  • Printers Bed Dimensions [mm]
    • Dimensions in millimetres - X is the width of the build plate, Y is the depth and Z is the maximum print height
  • Round
    • Check this box if the build plate is round
  • Origin in the Center
    • Check this box if the centre of the build plate is the printer's 0,0 co-ordinate (usually round build plates)

Optional/Advanced Settings

These settings are mainly used for the “PreloadVE” function within KISSlicer and to help ensure the dimensional accuracy of your printed models FIXME

  • Nozzle Bore Length
    • Enter the bore (aka “throat”) length in millimetres. Note that the bore length on modern nozzles is usually 1½ to 2 times the nozzle diameter
  • Drive Length
    • Enter the distance between the filament drive gear and the nozzle tip in millimetres
  • Steps/mm
    • Enter the number of stepper motor steps (or microsteps) your printer uses for moving the axis 1 millimetre

Printer Profile Name

  • Enter a unique, descriptive name for your printer

Once the necessary information has been entered, press the “Create Printer” button to create a new printer profile

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