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Settings Window

Other Settings

At the right of the Settings window are the “Other settings”:

  • Settings Level Select from
    • Basic
    • Intermediate
    • Expert
      • These options determine what settings are available in the settings window tabs

Note that if a password has been entered in the Menu/Preferences “Restrict Advanced Settings” option, then you may be asked to provide that password when changing settings level.

  • Force
    • Only available when “Basic” or “Intermediate” are selected. Check this box and default settings are selected for the unavailable settings of the more advanced option(s)
  • TYPE: [mm/s] [mm^3]
    • Information only: this displays the extruder speed and the volumetric extrusion speed for the different extrusions
  • mm^2
    • Information only: this displays the area of the bed taken up by the model(s)
  • Centre button and sliders
    • Pressing the Centre button centres the models on the bed; the sliders allow the models to be moved within the area of the bed
  • Copy/Rename/Delete buttons
    • These are not available on the Misc and PRO tabs; they allow the operation to be carried out on the relevant profile
  • Fix Settings Window
    • This docks the settings window to the lower left of the main window
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